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Want those dangerous overhanging branches cut down? Why not contact Ash & Pine Tree Services & Garden and our tree surgery in Cambridge? Whether you need a tree shaping or unwanted branches removed, our tree surgeons have the skills, experience and expertise to keep your surroundings in great shape. We'll be at your property in a prompt manner and carry out any tree work you require.

Highly skilled tree surgery in Cambridge

• Tree felling

• Topping and trimming

• Lopping and pruning

• Shaping

• Removal of diseased or  

  unwanted branches

• Trees sectioned

• Hedge cutting and more

We'll help you with:

If you've got a tree that's blocking sunlight or needs removing, our skilled tree surgeons can help with our tree felling service. We can remove trees and unwanted branches in a safe and efficient manner without causing any damage to your surroundings. Our team have many years of experience so you can be assured of getting a high quality service.

Tree felling in a safe and efficient manner

Ensure your property has well kept trees by calling us on:

07468 587 552